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Oral Care

What Dental Issues Will Happen in Your Period

If you’ve ever noticed bleeding gums during your menstrual cycle, fortunately, having bleeding gums during your period is usually temporary. In addition, there are several other hormone-induced dental issues that can happen. Number one: oral side effects. What we see during menstruation like we just said, is bleeding gums and swollen gums. It can even …

Oral Care

Are Silver Fillings Dangerous? Do You Need to Remove?

There are two types of dental fillings silver (aka amalgam) and tooth-colored (aka composite or resin). Traditional silver fillings are known for containing an alloy, a mixture of metals including mercury. Silver fillings have been used for decades and they actually have many advantages over tooth-colored fillings. Mercury can be harmful in large amounts as …

Oral Care

Effects & Side Effects of Teeth Whitening Procedures

Everyone loves a bright white smile but most people don’t have brilliant teeth. At-home whitening products such as strips or gels, or dental office procedures are some of the ways people brighten their teeth and reduce surface stains. At-home products may give minimal to great results that last for a few months. Professional dental procedures extend that time up to …

Teeth whitening

4 Ways to Whiten Teeth

People with yellow or black teeth sometimes feel particularly embarrassed when they open their mouths. In order to make their smile brighter and more attractive, many people are looking for a good way to whiten their teeth. So, how can you whiten your teeth? Nowadays, teeth whitening technology is relatively developed, and many methods of …