A set of neat and white teeth can make people more confident when communicating, but in life, many people ignore the protection of teeth and some people still like to smoke, which leads to the teeth on the teeth, and the teeth becoming yellow. However, many foods in life have a good effect on teeth whitening. So, what are the foods that are helpful for teeth whitening?


1. onion

Some sulfur compounds in onions can inhibit the growth of bacteria, protect the teeth and mouth, reduce the appearance of cavities, and are beneficial for teeth whitening.


2. celery

Celery contains coarse fibers, which can sweep away food debris stuck to your teeth. In addition, chewing celery more can increase the secretion of saliva, which helps balance the pH of the mouth and achieve the effect of whitening teeth.


3. Apple

Apples can exercise the chewing function of the teeth and enhance the strength of the gums. And apples contain high water content, which can promote the secretion of saliva, help to disperse and neutralize bacterial communities, and improve bad breath and dental plaque.


4. Banana

Bananas are rich in vitamin C, which can protect teeth. Vitamin supplements can also strengthen teeth and reduce the occurrence of symptoms such as loose teeth and bleeding gums.


5. Carrot

Carrots have a higher water content, which can increase the amount of saliva and help to whiten teeth. In addition, carrots can wash away food debris left in the teeth and enhance the chewing function of the gums.


6. Cheese

If the human body lacks calcium, it is prone to loose teeth, so it needs to be taken from some foods. And cheese is rich in calcium, which can keep teeth healthy. Plus, cheese contains casein. Can prevent the appearance of tooth decay.

Teeth whitening

Many people are dissatisfied with their teeth and feel that they are too yellow and ugly, so they want to whiten their teeth through various methods. But you must know that in addition to cleaning your teeth, some foods are also very beneficial for teeth whitening, such as celery, onions, apples, carrots, etc. Improving your teeth through dietary conditioning is both safe and healthy.

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