Recently one of my friends told me that he quit drinking coffee and instead replace it with drinking energy drinks. He did this mostly because he didn’t want coffee to stain his teeth anymore. However, the truth is that energy drinks can stain your teeth too just as much as coffee.

energy drinks

In addition, energy drinks are often considered worse for your teeth than coffee and soda for many reasons. The CDC warns that one energy drink on average contains 27 teaspoons of sugar. Many nutritionists believe that we should not be eating more than 7 teaspoons of sugar each day. Most energy drinks have more sugar than soda. In addition, any time you are drinking something that has sugar in it, those sugars basically cover every surface of your mouth, including the deep grooves of tooth enamel and between your teeth. These places are hard to clean.

What about sugar-free energy drinks?

Are they still that bad for teeth? The answer is yes. Energy drinks have an extremely low PH level meaning whether or not there is sugar, they are very acidic. Acid ruins tooth enamel. When you lose tooth enamel, it does not go back, which will be more prone for bacteria, sugar, and acids to create more cavities.

stages of cavity

The real bad news above on all of these is that the cavities from energy drinks tend to across the entirety of your mouth, which can lead to a sudden and major dental treatment for most of your teeth one time. You usually won’t just get one cavity but cavities throughout your entire mouth. One more thing, it is important to mention again, you can also get tooth stains and tooth discoloration from energy drinks.

cavities throughout your entire mouth

Please remember everything in moderation is key. Don’t make energy drinks a part of your daily routine. Make sure to always drink water after you drink energy drinks. Visit your dentist routinely and let the dentist know if you have energy drinks. Then they can properly determine the best treatment for your mouth.

Hope this will be helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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