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What to Do If Your Root Canal Treatment Failed

Teeth treated with non-surgical endodontic treatment showed a high survival rate after five years. So if you do RCT for the first time it is around 90% and if you redo is around 88%. Despite the high success and survival rate, root canal treatment may fail when the treatment is carried out inadequately. There are some cases in which the …


What Are Differences of Three Teeth Whitening Methods

Today let’s do a very quick recap on the different types of teeth whitening, what works, what doesn’t, and basically how things work. Toothpaste. Toothpaste work if your teeth are already fairly white. They will actually keep things looking the whitest as possible because they help to remove surface stains. They do not make the …


How to fix bad breath?

Talking and interacting with someone with bad breath is one of the most undesirable social situations possible. If you have bad breath, it can be very distracting to the people you are talking with, and will likely develop a negative reputation because of this. Although masking your bad breath with mints sprays and gums can work temporarily after a meal, it is …