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How to fix sensitive teeth?

If you had short and sharp discomfort when you take cold or hot drinks, you might be having tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is very common. In fact, 7/10 people are suffering from this condition. Among the tooth sensitivity sufferers, 39% are aware of their condition while another 32% experience sensitivity symptoms but are unaware of the condition. Why does that happen? Our teeth are protected by …


Simple But Important Oral Care Tips

Should You Rinse After Brushing? When you brush your teeth with toothpaste, be sure to spit out your toothpaste but not rinse your mouth afterward. The toothpaste has to have contact with your tooth over a long period of time for it to work and for the chemicals inside the toothpaste to actually have the benefits. Make sure that you don’t use mouthwash straight after …


Which is Better? A Water Flosser or Traditional Floss

Today we will talk about which is better, a water flosser or traditional floss. First, let’s review their purposes: Water flossers are intended to reduce gum inflammation by flushing out bad bacteria that irritate your gum tissues. Traditional floss on the other hand is intended to be used as a wiper for the sides of the teeth — where a …