This brush is quite frankly I think the best toothbrush for braces and for people that aren’t even in braces. Today we’re going to dive into:

1. What’s important when looking at an electric toothbrush?

2. How to compare different types of electric toothbrushes.

3. The proper way to brush while you’re in braces.

4. Show you what I think is the best toothbrush available on the market.

I’m a huge advocate for oral hygiene and I think it’s more important to have healthy teeth than straight teeth. I do believe in having healthy gums and teeth is the most important thing when achieving oral health. Having straight teeth helps maintain proper oral hygiene, where you should never have to sacrifice your oral hygiene to get straight teeth.

You guys know that I will never advocate for anything that I don’t use myself. I’ve been using this toothbrush over the past couple of months and the bristles on my toothbrush are starting to wear away. I’m going to show you guys some of the research and what’s important to look for in an electric toothbrush.

First, I want to highlight the proper way to brush your teeth when you’re in braces. Whether you’re using an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush, it holds true for everyone. But when you brush your teeth, you want to make sure you’re brushing the chewing surface of your teeth and the tongue side of your teeth. But when you’re brushing the cheek side of your teeth, you want to angle the bristles to clean anything that’s between your braces and the gum line. You also want to angle the toothbrush upward towards the chewing surface to dislodge any bacteria that are under the brackets right.

Although the technique on how to brush is really important, what’s even more important is using the proper tools to achieve that oral health. This brings me to the point of comparing an electric versus a manual toothbrush and the evidence is overwhelming that you should have an electric toothbrush to achieve proper oral health. This is whether you’re in braces or not in braces.

According to the research, an electric toothbrush is significantly better than a manual toothbrush. People that used a power brush had 22% lower progression of probing depth, which is overall gum health, 21% lower clinical attachment loss and in this one long term study, what they found out was people that who use power toothbrushes had 20% less tooth loss compared to those that didn’t use power toothbrushes.

That’s crazy. But then it goes to the point of what kind of electric toothbrush is best for me. There are two main categories of electric toothbrushes: sonic ones and the oscillating rotating type. When you compare, this oscillating rotating brush versus a manual toothbrush you have a twofold decrease in the overall plaque in the mouth. A three times decrease in the plaque that develops between the teeth and a sixth-time decrease on the plaque that develops on the gum line and the margin between the tooth and the gum.

That’s a significant difference and when it’s compared to that sonic type of toothbrush, you have a 29 decrease in the plaque that’s in the mouth. A 41% improvement in the plaque cleaning in the inner proximal, which is the area between the teeth. A 49% improvement along the gum lines. These are really powerful figures that show that this oscillating rotating type of design is the most superior type of brush head that you should have in a toothbrush. There is so much data that supports it.

I think Meyarn Electric Toothbrush is the best toothbrush available right now. It’s the coolest toothbrush on the market and for so many reasons. One is that like many other toothbrushes it has that rotating oscillating motion. But it’s different in the fact that this motion in the previous

toothbrushes was loud and my hand would be vibrating after because it made such a loud vibration. But this one uses linear magnets so that it has a low hum when you use it. It’s really quiet compared to other toothbrushes, not to mention it looks super cool. I think it’s one of the best-looking toothbrushes on the market.

These brushes come in two awesome colors. They come in moon white and matte black and each one of these come with two brush heads. They have both normal one and orthodontic types for the white version. It has a wireless charger so you can put it on the charging dock with no real orientation and it charges and. It looks really neat in the bathroom.  

There are so many different settings that you can choose on this toothbrush: whitening, polish, soft, sensitive, normal cleaning, which is awesome for those types of customers that might have a little bit more sensitivity. There are different amounts of force and oscillation that can be used to address those settings that you’re trying to achieve. There was a period where I had a sore on one of my gums and I couldn’t use the intense regular daily clean setting so I put it down to a sensitive setting and it was gentle and still gave me a good clean. You can adjust these settings and it’s not permanent. You can always adjust it up or down and modify it for your needs and what works best for you. It also has a two-minute intelligent timer, which encourages you to brush for two minutes.

I know that this isn’t a cheap brush and some people myself included might have a little bit of difficulty justifying this price for a toothbrush. What if power toothbrush users have 20% less tooth loss compared to manual toothbrush users and when you decrease the plaque by this much, you might be able to save yourself from actually getting a cavity. If that one cavity cost about $200, but the savings that you can have in just the cavity alone will pay for the toothbrush. On top of the fact that you don’t want to ever have cavities. You don’t want to have fillings in your mouth if you can prevent it. I know it’s a little bit of a tough price to wrap your mind around. But in my mind, it’s worth it. It’s an investment in your overall oral hygiene and I can’t see another toothbrush becoming better than this one for the foreseeable future. It has everything you need: a pressure indicator and the best type of technology to dislodge bacteria. In my mind, this was a really solid investment.

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