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Teeth whitening

How to deal with sensitive teeth after teeth whitening?

Many patients have symptoms of sensitive teeth after teeth whitening, and also show a feeling of soreness. Don’t be too nervous. In general, tooth whitening is a chemical whitening method. Drugs and chemical components will react with the teeth themselves, taking away the teeth’ pigments to achieve the purpose of whitening. After teeth whitening surgery, …

Cold light whitening teeth

What are the precautions after cold light whitening teeth?

Cold light whitening teeth mainly use a high concentration of peroxide to act on the surface of the teeth and then irradiate with the high-intensity blue light of about 500 nanometers, and then make the teeth generate oxygen, which combines with the pigment groups to achieve whitening. Purpose. After the cold light whitening, you should …

Bad breath in the morning

Why do I still have bad breath after brushing my teeth every morning and night?

I wake up in the morning with bad breath and I brush my teeth every morning and night, but why does the strange smell in my mouth always linger? Is there something wrong with your body? Why do I still have bad breath after brushing my teeth every day? There are many reasons for bad …