In addition to brushing their teeth every morning, people have another option: they can go to a specialized hospital to whiten their teeth. However, some beauty lovers are not aware of some precautions about teeth whitening, resulting in spending a lot of money but still not getting the yellow dirt off their teeth. So what do you need to pay attention to when you want to whiten your teeth? Here are four things to watch out for.

The effect of teeth whitening

1. Follow the advice of your dentist

Some beauty lovers think of some way to whiten their teeth before asking their doctor. However, you should follow the doctor’s advice before whitening your teeth. First of all, you must understand whether you are suitable for whitening your teeth. For example, people who suffer from oral bleeding, local inflammation, or heart problems are not ideal for teeth whitening. If there are no problems, the dentist will choose the method of whitening teeth according to the situation.

2. Don’t Blindly Buy Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth Whitening Products

Don’t blindly spend money to buy whitening products such as teeth whitening. Although the whitening products you buy may be effective and save money, they may bring many bad things if you don’t know the whitening products. You should pay attention to the safety of the product before buying it to avoid unnecessary costs.

3. Food choice

dark chocolate

After whitening your teeth, you should avoid eating dark foods for the next 15 days, such as coffee, tea, cola, etc. These foods will re-stain the teeth that were originally whitened. At the same time, it should be noted that because the teeth are relatively fragile after whitening teeth, try to avoid hard things, such as olives and sugar cane.

4. living habit

drinking and smoking

If you have the habit of smoking and drinking, it is recommended that you try not to smoke or drink for a few days after whitening. It is best to quit smoking and drinking. Smoking is not only harmful to one’s health but also makes the originally whitened teeth cast a layer of yellow dirt again. You can drink some alcohol properly, otherwise, too much alcohol will make your teeth yellow.

I believe that everyone should understand these precautions, and everyone has a love for beauty, but if you don’t understand the relevant knowledge and some precautions, you will take a lot of detours. And after whitening, it is necessary to maintain the teeth daily, check the teeth regularly, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s guidance.

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