With the progress of the times, brushing our teeth has become an indispensable habit for us. Toothpaste is a necessity for everyone. It’s embarrassing that the teeth are yellow, which can leave a bad impression. So, how to choose children’s toothpaste? Below, let’s take a closer look.

children's toothpaste

1. Pay attention to the fluoride content of toothpaste

There are clear regulations on the fluoride content of children’s toothpaste. Parents can find the fluoride content on the label of the toothpaste box so they can choose a safe toothpaste.

2. Toothpaste containing certain medications is also banned in babies

Adult Medicated Toothpaste

Adult toothpaste is mainly used for cleaning. Some medicated toothpaste also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.

For babies born with deciduous teeth, the use of this toothpaste will destroy the mucosal structure of the baby’s mouth, which not only fails to play an anti-inflammatory role but also causes inflammation.

3. Note that children’s toothpaste can not appear “diethylene glycol”

Diethylene glycol is also known as a drying inhibitor. It can prevent toothpaste from drying out, but it can cause undetermined harm to people.

4. Minimize the use of mint-flavored toothpaste

Mint Toothpaste

Babies will resent toothpaste with mint additives, so it is difficult to develop a good habit of brushing.

5. Pay attention to choosing fruit toothpaste

Many parents think that their children will really like fruit-flavored toothpaste, but it is precise because children like fruit-flavored, and many children eat toothpaste when they brush their teeth. Parents must pay attention.

Children's dental health

The above is an introduction to how to choose a children’s toothbrush. The health of children’s teeth is a thing that adults are very concerned about now. Therefore, parents must choose the right toothpaste for children to better protect their children’s teeth. Health. If you find that your child’s teeth are abnormal, you should go to the hospital’s stomatology department for an examination in time to find out the problem in time.

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