Dental floss has been regarded as the best tooth cleaning tool, but there are long and short dental floss and different shapes. so, How to choose the right floss

flossing teeth

To clean teeth, many people are accustomed to using dental floss. When choosing dental floss, it is best not to choose twig-shaped dental floss. This kind of dental floss is short and difficult to enter the periodontal pocket, and only one tooth can be cleaned. relatively wasteful. It is best to use dental floss that is rolled into a shaft and can be pulled at will, or arched wire.

type of dental floss

The choice of dental floss should vary from person to person. If the gums are easy to get angry or have bad breath, you can choose the dental floss with mint or other spices, or the dental floss with fluoride and other antibacterial ingredients, which can be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory; When flossing between teeth, if the floss is frayed or torn into thin strips, you can choose waxed floss; for some people who are not very good at flossing by hand, you can choose a small floss holder.

Steps for using dental floss

When using dental floss, each tooth surface should be scraped up and down 4 to 6 times until the tooth surface is clean. After use, be sure to rinse your mouth to remove the leftover plaque and food residue. Of course, don’t use too much force when flossing, so as not to damage your gums.

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