Many patients have symptoms of sensitive teeth after teeth whitening, and also show a feeling of soreness. Don’t be too nervous. In general, tooth whitening is a chemical whitening method. Drugs and chemical components will react with the teeth themselves, taking away the teeth’ pigments to achieve the purpose of whitening. After teeth whitening surgery, it is necessary to take more careful care of the teeth so that the teeth can get rid of the symptoms of sensitivity as soon as possible and relieve personal pain.

Teeth whitening

1. Develop scientific dental care habits

After the cold light whitening operation, you must take care of your teeth even more. After teeth whitening, the teeth will be stimulated to a certain extent, and the sensitivity will be significantly increased, so you should not continue to use whitening toothpaste, you should choose Chinese herbal toothpaste or anti-sensitivity toothpaste with as gentle and natural ingredients as possible. These toothpaste are helpful for teeth. recovery. In brushing your teeth, you should pay more attention to the strength of brushing, use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and do not push too hard to avoid repeated brushing, which will cause secondary damage to the enamel.


2. Reduce the sensitivity of teeth

When teeth are sore and other sensitive teeth, pay attention to avoid irritation to the teeth, do not take cold or hot food, and also pay attention to stay away from foods that are too sour and too sweet, which will stimulate the teeth to a certain extent and cause tooth sensitivity. Symptoms intensify causing severe distress to the patient. When drinking water, try to take warm water as much as possible, which is gentle on the teeth. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of pigmentation after teeth whitening. On the first day after whitening, be sure not to eat food containing pigments to avoid the problem of teeth staining.

care your teeth

It can be seen that it is a normal reaction to have a feeling of soreness in the teeth after teeth whitening surgery. Drugs related to tooth whitening will acidify the enamel to a certain extent, and irritation will also occur on the inside of the teeth. Usually, according to the self-healing ability of the teeth, the symptoms will gradually decrease and disappear one or two days after the symptoms appear, and the enamel will re-calcify. During the recovery period, attention should also be paid to the protection and care of the teeth to avoid the stimulation of the teeth.

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