In daily life, if you often do not brush your teeth on time and do not strengthen your oral hygiene, it is easy to cause abnormal teeth. Dental health has a great impact on individuals. If there is tartar or tooth decay, it may affect the individual’s eating. So how to distinguish between tartar and tooth decay?

Healthy Tooth and Tooth Decay
The difference between healthy tooth and tooth decay

1. Dental calculus and tooth decay are two completely different concepts. Tooth decay is mainly due to the abnormality of tooth tissue. It is because of the long-term growth of bacteria and plaque bacteria, which leads to demineralization of the teeth, which is often referred to as the loss of tooth parts, thus forming tooth decay. Tooth decay may feel sore when encountering strong irritating food.


2. Dental calculus is mainly due to the poor awareness of personal oral hygiene, which leads to a large amount of bacterial dirt staying on the teeth. After a long time of calcification, a stubborn dental stain is finally formed, called dental calculus. Dental calculus is generally divided into dental calculus and subgingival knots, which have certain damage to teeth and gums. Dental calculus generally does not cause pain, but over time, the deposition of dental calculus will gradually increase.

Oral inflammation

3. The effect of the two on the gums is also different. Dental calculus mainly causes damage to the gums and dental tissues, and in severe cases may cause oral inflammation, resulting in a decrease in the individual’s ability to eat. Tooth decay not only destroys the health of the teeth but may also cause individuals to have difficulty chewing.

teeth cleaning

4. The treatment methods of the two are not exactly the same. After calculus appears, it needs to be cleaned by scaling the teeth, which can effectively solve the calculus and keep the gums healthy. Tooth decay may require fillings to keep the teeth healthy.

Oralcarehelp summary: Dental calculus and tooth decay are two completely different concepts. They both have certain damage to the teeth and oral cavity, but the specific performance and impact are different, and the solutions that need to be taken are also different. It needs to be dealt with according to the specific situation, and personal oral hygiene should be strengthened in daily life.

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