Today will talk about how to properly brush your child’s teeth. You should always be helping them.

Let your child do it depending on the age.

brush your child's teeth

They might just chew their toothbrush. That’s normal if they’re too small. You will definitely have to do it for them. If they’re at the age where they are starting to brush themselves that’s fantastic. But they’re not going to be doing the best job because they just can’t get in there properly. So you can do it first for them and then let them do it themselves, or let them do it themselves first and then you do it afterward.

Try to make brushing fun.

make brushing fun

They see you doing it and having a good time they’re going to want to do it too. When they hear you say oh I don’t want to brush, they’re not going to do it either. If they don’t like their manual toothbrush, then buy them an electric one and maybe they will like that one better.

You want to go in a circular technique for all of the teeth.

circular technique

Outside first, then have the child open his mouth and make sure to get the insides too. But it’s really hard to brush in circles on the inside. What I want you to do is to just do the best you can and brush everywhere. It’s so important to brush twice a day even three times a day if you’re home so you’re always able to get the plaque the stain off

For the flossing.

If your child’s teeth are close together that means it’s time to floss. I suggest using floss picks. You will have to do it for your child at first because they won’t know how to do it. But then they could easily do it themselves even while they’re watching a movie or TV or something else.

A lot of people ask, does my kid need toothpaste? Yes.

kid need toothpaste

If your child is just brushing with water, it’s better than nothing. But they’re not getting those protective coating ingredients of the toothpaste on their teeth if they’re not using toothpaste. There are different types of toothpaste depending on the age because that does make a big difference. But the rule of thumb is if your child can’t swallow yet make sure the toothpaste has xylitol in it.

Natural kinds of toothpaste aren’t always the way to go, because they don’t have enough protective coating in them to protect the teeth. You’re cleaning away stains with natural toothpaste but you’re not doing anything else. Your teeth and their teeth need some extra protective elements to help to protect against acids or sugars. If they’re not using toothpaste, sugars and acids are going to start to eat away at the teeth a lot quicker. If your child is able to spit I suggested toothpaste with sodium fluoride.

Hope this helped. If you have any questions, leave comments below.

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