Dental calculus is relatively soft initially, but it takes a long time to form. If it is not cleaned in time, it will form relatively hard dental calculus, which will increase the difficulty of treatment. In severe cases, it will repeatedly stimulate the teeth and gingival tissue, which will easily affect normal chewing. . Therefore, if you find dental calculus, you must remove it as soon as possible to avoid affecting other tissues. So how do you remove dental calculus at home?

how to remove tartar

If you choose to remove dental calculus at home, you must first pay attention to oral hygiene, and insist on brushing and rinsing your mouth, so that food residues will remain in the mouth and will breed a lot of bacteria. If there is calculus and tooth decay, it is recommended to clean it with dental floss after food impaction, or choose to use a special mouthwash after meals; if the tooth decay is more severe and there are more calculus, it is recommended to use fluoride toothpaste brushing.

Ultrasound combined with water mist to remove dental calculus

For more serious and stubborn dental calculus, it cannot be removed at home, and you can only choose to go to the hospital for treatment, such as sonic wave removal of dental calculus, mainly for supragingival scaling and subgingival scaling. At present, ultrasonic scaling is a method of using ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation with water mist to break the dental calculus on the tooth surface, and then scrape the dental calculus by rinsing. Using this method can also play a role in removing plaque and restoring white teeth.

Oral inflammation

To remove dental calculus, it is also necessary to regularly check oral conditions. If there is inflammation in the oral cavity, oral antibiotics are needed to reduce inflammation or local injections of antibiotics are needed to reduce the inflammatory reaction. It is also necessary to make some improvements in the diet at ordinary times and avoid frequently eating dark-pigmented foods, such as soy sauce, black vinegar, etc., otherwise, it will affect the appearance of teeth and lead to the formation of dental plaque and calculus.

Sonic Electric Dental Plaque Remover

Calculus can also be used at home with a plaque remover, a device that vibrates at up to 2 million vibrations per minute to easily crush stubborn calculus, hard tartar, and coffee or smoke stains.

The above content introduces how to remove dental calculus at home, but patients should pay attention to observation when cleaning. If the dental calculus is difficult to remove, they should also seek medical treatment in time, and clean the dental calculus under the guidance of a professional doctor.

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