Today we’re going to discuss how to use an end tuft brush or proxy brush. End tuft and proxy brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And they’re a very good oral hygiene aid to help keep things clean.

Especially for patients who have moderate to severe gum recession, or prosthetic restoration, such as bridges or implants. Sometimes when we floss through teeth with gum recession, or under bridges, or adjacent to implants, we find that we pass the floss in between our teeth. But whatever we’re trying to eliminate is stuck in there even with floss. In these cases, end tuft brushes or proxy brushes can be quite helpful.

What this product is?

It is basically a very small toothbrush on a 90 degree angle. This allows you to get in between teeth and get into areas that sometimes floss or a larger toothbrush cannot reach. When you use these, just be safe and gentle with your gums. Anything that hurts is probably you’ve being used too vigorously or too hard. In those cases I would definitely seek the help of a dental professional.

How to use this brush?

What we’re going to do basically is insert it in between teeth in areas of gum recession to clean out any food or debris. These can be kept in pockets and purses and many patients find it helpful to do that. This is demonstrating just how to get into areas of severe gum recession. Just gently pass the brush through and pass the nylon bristles through then remove any food debris.

This is also very valuable for patients who have bridges. Bridges are generally three or more teeth connected together in a fake tooth generally in the middle. While this stays permanently in place we can’t lift it to clean out our gum tissue. So what we tend to do is grab an end tuft or proxy brush and gently scrub in between the teeth and under the gums if that’s not too tight to remove food debris.

Hope this helps. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment below. Have a nice day!

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