Now more and more people choose to replace manual toothbrush with electric toothbrush. However, many people do not use electric toothbrush correctly, which greatly reduces the cleaning effect. Today, I will introduce you how to use electric toothbrush correctly.

First, you need to squeeze the toothpaste, put the toothbrush in your mouth, and then turn on the switch. Otherwise, the toothpaste may splash on the mirror.

In the second step, the toothbrush and the gums are at an 45 degree angle so that it is fixed at the junction of the teeth and the gums. After shaking the brush head in a fixed position for a few seconds, change the position to ensure that every part of the tooth is covered, including the interdental space, the chewing surface of the tooth, and the gums.

Divide the oral cavity into 4 areas, and clean each area for about 30 seconds. The total brushing time should be kept at 2 minutes. It is also necessary to pay attention to the replacement of brush head, because it will become rough when used for a long time and early cause damage to the gums. It is recommended to replace the brush head every three months.

Now, let’s look at a set of comparative tests on dental plaque. This is before using the electric toothbrush, the dental plaque reagent shows the distribution of dental bacteria.

This is after use, almost no plaque remains on the tooth surface.

The toothbrush used in the experiment is this Meyarn Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

  • Orthodontic & Regular Cleaning: Two versions for your to choose from. Get hard-to-reach areas regular toothbrushes can’t.
  • Clean Effect: 31,000 vibration per minute. Get a thorough cleaning. Upgrade over other regular toothbrushes.
  • Long Battery Lifetime: 4 Hours charge can last 30 days.
  • IPX7 Waterproof: You can use it when you are in a shower.
  • Blue Indicator Bristles: Remind you to replace the head when the blue fades.
  • 2 Minute Timer: Send a signal after two minutes to help you reach the recommended brushing time.

The toothbrush provides five modes for you to choose from:

  • Clean: Remove food residues and tartar that cannot be removed by ordinary toothbrushes. Suitable for daily use by the general population.
  • White: Effectively improve tooth stains, tobacco stains, coffee stains, and other stubborn stains to have healthy and white teeth. Suitable for people with specific needs.
  • Polish: Polish the tooth surface to make the teeth whiter.
  • Soft: Gentle removal of tooth dirt while protecting the gums. Suitable for daily use by people with sensitive teeth, elderly and young age group.
  • Sensitive: Protect sensitive gums and prevent bleeding.

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