For many beauty-loving friends, teeth whitening is also their concern. It is true that in our lives, especially in the process of interpersonal communication, white teeth will indeed improve the goodwill of many people. For many friends with yellow teeth, a simple smile becomes very embarrassing. To alleviate this situation, many friends choose to scale their teeth, but have you paid attention to these precautions after scaling?

Teeth whitening

Teeth are particularly “fragile” after scaling, so avoid excessive stimulation

After cleaning your teeth, your gums will become extremely fragile in a short period, so you must pay attention to the health of your teeth at this time.

It is better to eat less hard, spicy, raw, and cold foods, and let these foods have less chance to touch and stimulate teeth. The cleaning itself has already caused a kind of irritation to the teeth, and eating these foods may cause secondary irritation, which will lead to the phenomenon of sore gums. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended that everyone must develop a good habit of using teeth rationally.

hard food

The teeth and the body are also deficient in calcium, and calcium supplementation can be appropriate after teeth cleaning

Many friends only think that human bones need calcium supplementation in life, but think that teeth are not lacking in calcium. To avoid the phenomenon of accelerated aging of teeth in the future, we must also pay attention to proper calcium supplementation after teeth cleaning.


After teeth cleaning, there will be a certain degree of loss of calcium in the teeth. It is recommended that you not only supplement calcium after teeth cleaning, but also increase calcium supplementation during the changing seasons. Therefore, proper calcium supplementation is not only good for dental health but also has great benefits for strong muscles and bones.

teeth cleaning

For the human body, the teeth will inevitably be worn out due to scaling, and the state of the teeth cannot be compared with the previous state. Therefore, in this case, it is recommended that you take more care of the teeth. After cleaning your teeth, pay attention to maintaining a restrained habit of using your teeth, and try to avoid the superimposition of damage to your teeth caused by tobacco, alcohol, and stimulating food. This will help us to whiten our teeth and avoid a series of problems caused by sore roots after cleaning.

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