Well, are you pregnant? Let me begin with congratulating you, welcome to motherhood!

You will be well aware of hormonal changes during pregnancy. Did you know that, these hormonal changes can also affect your oral health? So to begin with in your mouth, you can expect bleeding gums which is common due to hormonal changes. In medical terms, we call this condition as pregnancy gingivitis. Pregnant women with such a gum disease are at more risk to give birth to low weight or preterm babies. You will also be prone to a lot of decay tooth because of intake of high sugary foods. So I will tell you about the do’s and don’ts in oral care during your pregnancy.

First, brush your teeth twice a day on the correct brushing method. And using sonic electric toothbrush will be better than standard toothbrushes.

Next, floss your teeth once a day at bedtime just before brushing. I highly recommend this waxed floss. It’s easy to use and sturdy, mint flavor will bring you fresh breath.

If you have morning sickness, gargle with one teaspoon of baking soda mixed in one glass of water, this will wash away the strong acids from your stomach. Do take a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, they are going to be a great substitute for sugary foods. Sugary foods will make you more prone for decay tooth, so please avoid them. Last but not the least, never ever self-medicate yourself as these medicines can affect the baby.

Finally it is important for you to have a regular dental checkup at least once in each of your three trimesters. Your dentist will know safe treatment during your pregnancy. You will be busy once your child is born, at least for a few months. Your good oral health also means well-being for your baby.

Hope you found this article to be informative.

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