Today we will talk about interdental brushes and how to use them to clean between teeth.

Interdental brushes is one of the important tool that has been used in dentistry for cleaning the areas in between the tooth. It is mainly prescribed for whom complaining of deposition of food in between the tooth. They are cylindrical brushes with a handle and the size of the brush can vary from small to large.

Using internal brushes can reduce plaque accumulation and the incidence of gum disease. This is safer than the normal toothpicks.

How to use interdental brushes

Use light pressure to insert the brush straight 90 degrees in between teeth with a gentle wriggling action. Sometimes a slight bending or curving of the wire will allow for the proper angle especially on back teeth. Ease the brush in. If the brush is pushed too hard or the wrong size is used and the wire buckles, discard the brush. Be careful not to overly stress the wire to avoid breakage.

Choose the largest size that inserts without force. The correct size should fit snugly but easily. Move the brush back and forth between your teeth, implants, and under crowns and bridges. Orthodontic patients can also use interdental brushes as they slide between the arch wire and the tooth and remove plaque from around the brackets.

It’s a simple skill to learn. Stay with it for a few days and you’ll become more aware of how to angle the wire and shimmy them between your teeth. If the wire gets wedged between the teeth, gently find the wire with your fingertip on the tongue side and push it toward the gum line, and withdraw it by pulling it straight out. Sometimes floss can dislodge it as well.

If an interdental brush is carefully taken care of, it may last for a few days. Like toothbrushes, you can wash them out and reuse them

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