Let’s talk about how you know if you’re brushing teeth too hard and what damage it can actually cause to your teeth.

Brushing Teeth too hard

I would say hard brushing is one of the most common things. It doesn’t matter who you are. People have a tendency to brush too hard but it’s really not a good thing for your teeth. What you can actually do is you can take away the gum around the tooth and some of your tooth enamel.

How do you know if you brushing teeth too hard?

If your toothbrush bristles are splayed quite a bit, they look worn, this is how you can tell you’re brushing too hard. If your toothbrush looks like that, get another toothbrush and just be more conscious of not brushing too hard.

toothbrush bristles are splayed quite a bit

A lot of people thought the harder you brush the better because you’re taking the plaque and bacteria away. If you brush too soft and you’re not getting the plaque away but you should never brush too hard. The key is to buy a soft toothbrush, either a manual or an electric toothbrush, not a medium or a hard one because that can really cause more damage. Your teeth will feel clean afterward even with a soft toothbrush.

And do not brush too hard. If you’re brushing too hard the gums get worn away and then your teeth will be yellow towards the top and this can cause extreme cold sensitivity. This yellow area is the second layer of the tooth called cementum. Tooth enamel does not cover the cementum which is why the tooth looks yellow. It’s very easy to get a cavity.


What if this has already happened to you?

The key is to use a good toothpaste and brush lightly. Toothpaste with fluoride and xylitol in it is better. And your dental hygienist can also apply something called a desensitizer over those areas to protect the teeth from either not becoming sensitive, or just simply covering them up so you cannot get a cavity. It’s very easy to get a cavity in the cementum, these yellow areas of the teeth.

That’s what happens from brushing too hard. I hope that helps you. Leave comments to let me know if there are any questions and I’ll try to help you.

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