Today I want to talk about what to do if your children don’t like to brush their teeth.

If your children are age two, they’re not going to want to brush their teeth. They’re not going to want anything being shoved in their mouth to brush their teeth.

How to make things easier is to make it a very exciting thing. When you’re brushing your teeth, get excited about it. Say things like, oh you know what, we just had dinner, and I’m going to go brush my teeth. Or I’m getting ready for bed, I’m going to brush my teeth. You might not think they’re paying attention but they are. Make it exciting and they will eventually get excited. If they really don’t want to brush their teeth just do whatever you can to make it exciting.

electric toothbrush for kids

Also, try to determine why they do not like their toothpaste. Maybe try a different toothpaste. Let them pick which toothpaste they want to use at the store. Show them the different kinds of toothpaste and then maybe they’ll want to brush their teeth more. Do they have an electric toothbrush for kids? Or do they just have a manual one? Maybe if you give them an electric toothbrush with a light on it, they might get more excited to use it.

All of these steps help.

Try those before you get too concerned. If you’ve tried all of that and they still don’t like brushing their teeth, keep it up and get excited about brushing your teeth. But you have to brush their teeth for them. Consistency is key. It might take a couple of days or months. Especially for kids that are under the age of five, you should help to brush their teeth. If they want to brush their teeth, you should check to make sure they’re doing a good job.

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When your children are age 10, they’re old enough now and they still don’t like brushing their teeth. You can ask them why they don’t like brushing their teeth. We have to protect the teeth against cavities. They might tell you they don’t like their toothpaste or maybe they just don’t feel like brushing their teeth because they’re lazy. If you don’t make them brush their teeth at that age, they’re going to get cavities or get stained. And plaque is going to stick on their teeth and start eating away at the enamel causing a cavity. I know it’s annoying but keep trying because it’s so important.

Talk to your dental hygienist if your child doesn’t like to brush their teeth.

They might suggest a different toothpaste for you that just has more protective coating ingredients, either with the sodium fluoride or the xylitol which can help even more. Because that helps to limit the bacteria in the mouth.

They might like using mouthwash.

Mouthwash by any means does not change the tooth brushing. They still have to brush. But if they’re too rushed in the morning and get them to use the mouthwash at least. That will help to limit the bacteria. It doesn’t really take the plaque off but it helps the plaque not stick as well.

What about the flossing?

water flosser for kids

Kids need to floss. I prefer to use floss picks. They’re so much easier. Use them while they’re watching TV or a movie. If their teeth are close together, you need to floss because the toothbrush can’t get in between the teeth as the floss can. Especially if they’re not brushing well, they really need to floss. But you’re probably saying if they don’t brush well, they’re not going to want to floss too. If I had to pick one I would say brushing is more important. If your child is old enough have them use the water flosser. Water flosser can be just as good as flossing if you’re using it every day and it’s so much easier for kids.

Hope this helped you.

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