In life, communication between people is essential. In communication, smiling is a good way to communicate, and showing white teeth will undoubtedly leave a good impression on people. However, many friends who like to smoke every day will encounter the situation that their teeth turn yellow, which will make them unable to be generous. Show your teeth.


Smoking is a habit that many people have, and quitting smoking is very difficult, so many people give up halfway, and more and more friends use e-cigarettes to overdo it, but what cannot be changed is the yellowed teeth, and they are trying to replace them. After the toothpaste method, the teeth are still not whitened, which can be very distressing. Let’s take a look at what to do if smoking causes yellow teeth.

Why does smoking make teeth yellow?

yellow teeth

We eat through our teeth every day, so there will be a lot of bacteria on the surface of the teeth, and some will secrete sticky substances. When people smoke, the colored minerals in the smoke stains will be adsorbed and adhered to the surface of the teeth. Teeth turned yellow.

What to do about yellowing teeth caused by smoking?

Although smoke stains are not easy to brush off with toothpaste, it does not mean that they cannot be removed. But if we want to have very good results, we can go to a professional dental clinic to do meticulous teeth whitening to solve this problem. Generally, it takes three times of nursing in the dental hospital, and the smoke stains on the teeth will be easily removed. But it also means you need to start quitting smoking. If you don’t quit smoking, it will make the stains stick to your teeth again and become less beautiful.

Some tips to help you raise “white teeth”

brush your teeth

Stick with an electric toothbrush, develop a regular brushing habit, or use a regular toothbrush with a small amount of fine salt every time you brush to whiten your teeth. The particles on the fine salt also give the teeth a natural shine. In addition, baking soda can also be used, which can also have a certain stain removal effect.

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