A lot of patients have heard about fluoride in a dental office. They apply fluoride to your teeth. That’s the stuff where you typically have to wait half an hour before eating or drinking anything. Because it is protecting your teeth against cavities and sensitivities. It’s like vitamins for your teeth. It’s amazing.


But what is xylitol?

Maybe you have not heard about xylitol. Xylitol and fluoride work hand in hand. You might have heard of xylitol is a natural sweetener. But for your teeth, xylitol actually helps to limit the bacteria in your mouth. If there are no bacteria, there are no cavities. If there are no bacteria, your plaque and tartar are often a lot less.

Everybody needs sodium fluoride. That can be maintained by using the right toothpaste twice a day and having your teeth cleaned every six months by your dental hygienist who will also apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth. But for those who get cavities, you do brush twice a day and you don’t understand how this is happening. Or maybe you have cold-sensitive teeth all the time. You’ve tried many things but nothing works. That means you also need xylitol added.

fluoride treatment

There is toothpaste out there that has xylitol and sodium fluoride. You do need both the xylitol helps to limit the bacteria in the mouth whereas a sodium fluoride helps to actually protect the teeth. It helps to prevent the cavity from getting worse.

How can they work hand in hand?

Xylitol prevents bacteria and sodium fluoride helps against cavities. They’re both amazing. But not a lot of people know that. They just brush twice a day and they wonder why they’re getting cavities. It’s not always as simple as eating less sugar and brushing better, but there are also mouthwashes as well. If you want to do everything, you possibly can use a toothpaste with xylitol and sodium fluoride, but also a mouthwash with xylitol and sodium fluoride. Talk to your dental hygienists. They can show you what toothpaste has both.

toothpaste mouthwash with xylitol

Here are some tips for your daily oral care routine:

  • Use mouthwash and a toothpaste with xylitol and sodium fluoride.
  • Brush twice a day.
  • Use the water flosser to get in between the teeth.
  • See your dental hygienist at least once every six months.

Hope this helped you in some way. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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