Do your teeth ever hurt after you flossing?

teeth weightlifting

Maybe your teeth were just recently cleaned at the dentist and now you’re starting your flossing routine at home which is great. But you’re feeling a little discouraged because it hurts. I use the comparison of working out and exercising. For example, if you just started lifting weights, your muscles are sore, the same thing with your gums. Just like your muscles and weightlifting, the more routine you get, the more you do it, the stronger you get, the less it will hurt, and you’ll start wanting to add more weights.

The same thing goes with teeth and flossing.

healthy gum

Once you are on a routine, you don’t skip a day of flossing, your gums are starting to get so healthy, firm, pink, and stippled, and they won’t hurt. It’s usually estimated that after 10 days of flossing and flossing properly, you will no longer notice any pain or bleeding. It will stop because your gums got healthy.

C shape flossing

If you’ve been doing it every day, and it’s been over 10 days but they are still so sore after flossing. In this case, I would consider making sure that you are in fact flossing properly. A quick tip is when you’re flossing, make sure that you are hugging the tooth. I like to place my floss into a c shape so I can really wrap it around the tooth and slide it up and down against both sides of the teeth. You don’t want to just go down and up once smacking your gum tissue. That’s not doing any good for anything. Maybe it can dislodge a food particle that was stuck but it definitely didn’t properly clean the sides of your teeth nor did it feel good on your gum tissue.

So make sure you are using the proper technique.

Don’t give up. Try not to miss a day of flossing. One day can really put you behind like missing a week of working out. Sometimes you feel like you have got to start overtraining your muscles all over again.

professional teeth cleaning

If you haven’t had a professional cleaning at your dental office in a while, you have to go do that now. You need to have that bacteria from your teeth and gums removed professionally before you can efficiently floss at home without any pain. Does this mean you shouldn’t floss if you haven’t had a cleaning in a while? No. Flossing will still help stimulate your gum tissue and not allow them to get any worse. Once you do get that cleaning, you now have a clean canvas to floss, free of any plaque and tartar buildup which will allow you to properly and comfortably floss at home.

Hope this helped you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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